Payment Plans

Some of our clients pay for the cost of bankruptcy in one lump sum.   But for many of our clients, it is difficult to pay for the cost all at once.  We never turn anyone away because they don’t have the money to pay to have their bankruptcy filed.  We want to help everyone in our local community. There are three different payment plan options available to you, so that we can help you file your case and obtain debt relief when you need it most.

Affordable Bankruptcy Payment Plans for San Diego

The standard payment plan for a San Diego bankruptcy filing is making a small payment to retain your attorney, in order to start preparing your bankruptcy, and then making payments as you are able, until the attorney fee is fully paid for.  Once the attorney fees are paid in full, your attorney will file your petition and schedules with the court.  Depending on your needs, your lawyer at Bankruptcy Legal Center can set you up on a more suitable payment plan that is within your budget and is feasible for you based on your income.

Automatic Debit Payment Plan

The automatic debt payment plan is where your attorney at Bankruptcy Legal Center will set up an automatic withdrawal from your bank account every month.  You retain your attorney upon setting up the automatic debt.  Your lawyer will plan your bankruptcy filing to be filed once the automatic debit schedule of payments is completed.

Chapter 13 Plan Payments

For clients who are filing under Chapter 13, you will make a payment of the amount that you can currently afford, and then your case is filed and the remaining balance of your lawyer’s fees will be paid through your Chapter 13 plan.  Financing fees through a Chapter 13 plan gives you the option of having your lawyer to file your case immediately and be paid later.  This is often critical in Chapter 13 cases that are filed to stop foreclosure of your home, to repay recently incurred taxes in bankruptcy, or to stop a wage garnishment of nondischargeable debt such as back taxes or student loan debt.

Tell Your Creditors to Call Us

Once you retain your bankruptcy lawyer through a payment plan, you no longer have to take cover every time your phone rings.  Instead, you can pick up those harassing phone calls and tell your creditors to contact us at Bankruptcy Legal Center.  We are experts at dealing with those calls.  Let us handle the phone calls for you.

The Sooner You Plan, the Better

The most important thing is that you meet with your San Diego bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible and discuss your financial situation, both in order to protect your interests and in order to promptly begin any needed bankruptcy planning so that once your case is filed with the court it will proceed as smoothly.  The sooner you start planning, the better results you will be able to achieve.