Bankruptcy Attorneys

The attorneys at Bankruptcy Legal Center are experienced bankruptcy lawyers who are dedicated to protecting you from harassing creditors and helping you eliminate your debts and protecting your assets and income. Our firm’s sole mission is to help people in our local community get out of debt and get a fresh financial start. If you are suffering from high interest credit card debt, facing a foreclosure, were recently served with a lawsuit, or your wages are being garnished, we are here to help. Our skilled attorneys will help you wipe out your debilitating debt without having to give up your home, car or truck, money, or any of your other assets. If you are suffering from financial stress, you have a place to turn to for help. We are passionate about justice and make sure your legal rights are protected so that you get meaningful and lasting relief from relentless creditors and the fresh start that you need and deserve.

Attorney Mark Aalam, Of Counsel

bankruptcy attorneyAttorney Mark Aalam is an experienced attorney who specializes in bankruptcy and debt relief. His main bankruptcy practice areas are Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and home foreclosure law.  Mark is also a Chapter 13 specialist who is an expert at lien stripping, a legal process that he has repeatedly utilized to lower his clients’ mortgage debt by removing a 2nd mortgage or home equity loan encumbering their homes.  His goal is to always determine what your needs are and what you are trying to accomplish and give you an overall solution that addresses all of your needs and goals.  If bankruptcy is not right for you, he won’t file your case. Upon meeting Mark for the first time, you will immediately feel comfortable and secure and know that you are in good hands.  He is a highly skilled lawyer and will help you keep your home, car or truck, business, and other assets, while eliminating all of your debts so you can have a get a fresh financial. Mark currently serves as Of Counsel to Bankruptcy Legal Center. When Mark represents you, he always makes sure that your matter is handled perfectly and that your case proceeds smoothly.  He will stop creditor harassment, stop lawsuits, stop wage garnishments, and give you peace of mind.  His many satisfied clients throughout San Diego County highly recommend him and have provided candid testimonials to help you in selecting your bankruptcy attorney.

Legal Education

Mark attended university and law school in California at these institutions:

  •        •  University of California Santa Barbara
  •        •  Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Court Admissions

Mark has been granted admission to practice before every bankruptcy court in California, including the bankruptcy courts for the:

  •        •  Southern District of California
  •        •  Central District of California
  •        •  Northern District of California
  •        •  Eastern District of California

Membership & Associations

Mark is a member of the following associations and organizations:

  •        •  State Bar of California
  •        •  American Bar Association
  •        •  San Diego County Bar Association
  •        •  California Bankruptcy Forum
  •        •  San Diego Bankruptcy Forum

Helping Shaping the Law

Early in his law school career, in 1999, while clerking for a bankruptcy law firm, Mark wrote an appellate brief arguing for a change in the existing law.  The appeal won and the decision was of such legal importance it was published and helped shape the law in the “Southern District of California.”  The important decision, which is published as Apex v. Blanchard (In re Blanchard) (1999), established a new legal precedence that is commonly cited in legal treatises used by attorneys.  The decision holds that a creditor cannot extend the deadline for filing a complaint to revoke a discharge, even if there has been a concealment of assets.  Mark then went on to become an accomplished San Diego bankruptcy attorney who has a reputation for fighting hard for his clients’ rights and helped several hundreds of his clients file successful cases.

Making a Difference

After becoming lawyer and being admitted to the State Bar of California, Mark served as an associate attorney for the Law Firm of Purdy & Brehme, where as an attorney he represented individuals, small businesses, and large business, as well as a Fortune 500 company.  Working at that law firm, he honed his skills as an attorney and amassed an impressive string of victories and became a successful attorney.  But representing big companies did not satisfy him.  Mark wanted something more; he wanted to make a difference. He wanted to help people.

Bankruptcy Legal Center Is Formed

In 2008, Mark founded a bankruptcy law firm. He named the firm Bankruptcy Legal Center to reflect the passion and focus of the practice which is to help ordinary people who are suffering from too much debt or other financial problems.  In 2016, Bankruptcy Legal Center acquired new ownership and at that time attorney Mark Aalam became Of Counsel to the firm because he could not let go of his passion for helping people in financial distress. Mark continues to regularly and actively work with clients of Bankruptcy Legal Center and help them obtain debt relief.

We Exclusively Represent Borrowers

Bankruptcy Legal Center exclusively represents borrowers.  We never represent lenders.  Yet the firm’s prior experience representing lenders and a Fortune 500 company gives us a unique insight into how your lender thinks, helping us to better protect your legal rights in court proceedings.

Firm’s Sole Mission

The firm’s sole mission is to help people in our local community get out of debt and get a fresh start. If you are looking for an experienced foreclosure attorney or bankruptcy lawyer, you’ve come to the right firm.  An experienced attorney will go over your options with you and show you how to get started on the road to a more secure financial future, as we have done for so many Southern California residents.

Proven Track Record of Success

Our firm has a proven, continuous track record of success.  We are skillful and dedicated California lawyers who make sure the job gets done right every time.  Our clients are extremely satisfied with our services and have provided candid testimonials that you may find helpful when selecting your bankruptcy attorney. Whether you need a bankruptcy attorney to help you get out of debt San Diego with a Chapter 7 filing, or a foreclosure lawyer to stop a foreclosure of your home with a Chapter 13 filing, we are experts and know how to help you.

Free Attorney Consultation

Call today to set up your free consultation with experienced San Diego bankruptcy attorney who will discuss your situation with you, determine what your needs are and what you are trying to accomplish, and give you an overall solution that addresses all of your needs and goals.  With our help, you can become debt free and get a fresh financial start.  Take control your life and your finances.  Call us at 619-501-9711 .