Founded to Help People

Bankruptcy Legal Center was founded as a bankruptcy law practice focused exclusively on helping individuals in our local community get out of debt.   We know how it feels when you are buried in debt and facing incessant credit calls, lawsuits, and wage garnishment.  We also know that life happens.  There is a reason why you are in the situation that you are.  Honest, hard-working people just like yourself frequently acquire debt problems due to the circumstances of life.  That’s why we are so passionate about helping people just like you who are suffering from the stress and problems associated with excessive debt.

Our Mission

The mission of Bankruptcy Legal Center is to protect people from threatening creditors and to help people in our local community in San Diego get out of debt with a fresh start.   If you are looking for an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who will be genuinely concerned about you, respect you, and understand what you’re going through, then you’ve found the right firm.  At Bankruptcy Legal Center, you will receive personalized attention directly from an experienced bankruptcy attorney who will work closely with you, discuss your options with you, and answer all of your questions.

Proven Track Record of Success

Our firm has a proven, continuous track record of success.  With the help of our skillful and dedicated bankruptcy lawyers, your filing will proceed smoothly and you’ll receive your discharge and fresh start.  We take great pride in sharing with you the candid testimonials written by our clients which help show the experience you can expect as a client of Bankruptcy Legal Center.  Whether you need a bankruptcy attorney to help you get out of debt San Diego with a Chapter 7 filing, or a foreclosure lawyer to stop a foreclosure of your home with a Chapter 13 filing, our goal is always to ensure your filing is a success and that your experience is a positive one.

Free Attorney Consultation

Call today and speak directly with an experienced bankruptcy attorney who will review your options with you and help you get started on the road to a more secure financial future.