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Are you suffering from mounting financial debt?  Are you barely able to make ends meet?  At Bankruptcy Legal Center, we specialize in bankruptcy and debt relief.  We serve our community by providing legal representation by a San Diego bankruptcy attorney who is an expert at helping you get out of debt and get a fresh start.  Stop worrying about credit card debt, foreclosure, lawsuits, and wage garnishment.  Take back your life and financial freedom.  Whether you need to file for Chapter 7 to eliminate your credit card debt or Chapter 13 to save your home from foreclosure or restructure a vehicle loan, we can help.  If you have questions about the process, you’ll find the answers to many of your questions in our knowledge center and our blog, both of which are always kept up to date with the most current law.  Of course, you can call us and speak directly to an attorney.  We are here to help you.  Take the first step toward financial freedom and give us a call.  An expert bankruptcy lawyer will discuss all of your options with you.

How an Expert San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney Will Protect You

If you are being harassed by debt collectors, facing a home foreclosure, have been sued, or are having your wages garnished, you may feel as if there is little you can do to protect yourself.  There are a number of ways that bankruptcy can protect you and your family.  With the help of an expert bankruptcy attorney, you can stop harassing phone calls, stop foreclosure of your home dead in its tracks, stop a lawsuit, and even avoid a wage garnishment.  There are many other protections available to you, which your lawyer can utilize to protect you from relentless creditors phone calls and harassment.  Talk to an expert attorney today to preserve your legal rights and protect yourself.

Stop a Lawsuit

Having a process server show up at your door and hand you a lawsuit can be an unwelcome and stressful situation.  You are now faced with the reality that your credit card lender or other creditor has sued you with the intention of going after your assets.  Their lawyer has a plan: the creditor will obtain a judgment and garnish your wages and put a lien against any property you currently own or hereafter acquire.  If you own property, the lien can also be executed upon, which means that your home can be sold to satisfy the debt depending on the amount of equity that exists in your property.  You have two options: pay the debt, or file a bankruptcy to get out of debt.  Luckily, assuming you qualify, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer at our firm will be able to stop a lawsuit, wipe out the underlying debt, and protect your assets.

Wage Garnishment

A sheriff serving your employer with a wage garnishment can be quite embarrassing to say the least.  It unwantedly brings attention to your finances and places your most private financial matters in the spotlight at your workplace.  Ruthless creditors know that the mere threat of garnishing your wages is enough to cause you to find a way to pay them so that your employer and coworkers won’t know that you are having financial trouble.  If you need to file a bankruptcy to get out of debt, do it before your employer is served.  Once your employer is served and wage garnishment has begun, then you will have to involve your employer because you’ll have to notify them of the bankruptcy to stop the garnishment.  If you act now and give your bankruptcy lawyer enough time to get your petition filed before notice of the garnishment, then you can remain discrete as there is no reason for your employer to ever get involved in your private financial life.

The Many Benefits a Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help You Achieve

Many people assume that when you file bankruptcy, you have to give up all of your assets and your credit is ruined.  In reality, the opposite is true.  In most cases, you will keep your home, cars, and other assets.  Much to most clients’ surprise, you will find that your credit score actually improves within 1-2 years after obtaining a fresh start.  You can eliminate your credit card debt, medical bills, overdue collection accounts, and most other types of debt.  Bankruptcy can stop foreclosure of your home.  Depending upon the current value of your home and the mortgage balance owed, your lawyer may be able to eliminate your second mortgage or home equity line of credit.  There are many other powerful protections and important benefits that are designed to help you get out of debt San Diego and get a fresh financial start.

Experienced Representation

We are an experienced law firm and a federally designated debt relief agency.  Our sole mission is to help people in our local community get out of debt and get a fresh start.  We have extensive experience representing borrowers in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases for over a decade.  If you are overwhelmed by debt, we can help.  Call us and speak directly to an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.  We will protect you from unrelenting creditors and give you the opportunity to regain control of your finances.  See what our clients are saying by reading our clients’ testimonials.

Free Attorney Consultation

When you call our firm, you will always have the opportunity to talk directly with an attorney, not a paralegal.  During this valuable consultation an experienced bankruptcy attorney will explain all of your rights and options, assess your financial situation, and answer any questions.  If bankruptcy is the appropriate remedy for you, we will begin preparing your petition for bankruptcy relief to be filed with the court.  Should there be an emergency necessitating immediate action, we will begin taking immediate steps to protect you and your family.  Contact Bankruptcy Legal Center today to set up your free debt relief consultation and get started on the road to a more secure financial future.  Call us today at 619-501-9711.

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