No Debt

If you are overwhelmed by hounding creditors, high interest rates, and high balances on your credit cards, then you may feel as though there is no hope for getting out of debt. Call us today for a free debt relief consultation and learn how you can wipe the slate clean with bankruptcy and get a fresh start for you and your family.

Debt Relief Experts

We are experts in debt relief and we've been helping people in our local community who are drowning in debt regain control of their finances through the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy process.  We'll give you and your family a chance to start enjoying the freedom of living without debt and eliminating the stress of dealing with unmanageable credit cards and collection accounts and creditors calling morning, day and night to ask you for money.

Let an Experienced Lawyer Assist You

When you come to our law office for a debt relief consultation, you'll meet with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who will sit down with you and determine what your needs and goals are and also determine if filing for bankruptcy is the right debt relief solution for dealing with your out-of-control debt.  Your lawyer will assist you with identifying the source of your financial troubles and preparing a plan to tackle the problem head on.

Overall Solution

Our philosophy is to always give you an overall debt relief solution that takes into account all of your needs and goals.  That way, when you are one or two years down the road and looking back you'll feel happy about your progress.  We want you to start living without having to deal with bill collectors every day  and the harassment and stress you are experiencing.

The Right Solution

If bankruptcy is the right solution for helping you get a fresh financial start, we'll help you file your case successfully and with the best results possible, and with the peace of mind that you will receive the relief from creditors that you need.

Fresh Financial Start

Our sole mission is to help people in our local community get out of debt and get a fresh financial start.   We are here to help you when you need our help.  Take the first step toward financial freedom and talk to a lawyer today. Call Bankruptcy Legal Center now and speak to an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  An experienced lawyer will ensure that you become debt free and start living with no debt San Diego!