Cost of Bankruptcy

The cost of bankruptcy refers to the court filing fee paid to the court, which is separate from the attorney fee paid to your lawyer to prepare and file your case and represent you throughout the legal process.  Currently, as of January 2023, the court filing fee for bankruptcy in San Diego is either a $338 filing fee if you are filing under Chapter 7 or a $313 filing fee if you are filing under Chapter 13.  This is the fee paid to the court at the time of filing.  It is separate from the lawyer fee you pay to your attorney.

Lawyer Fee For Filing Bankruptcy in San Diego

Each client’s circumstances are unique and the attorney fee for bankruptcy in San Diego will necessarily depend on the nature and complexity of the issues involved in your particular situation.  For example, if you own a business or multiple rental properties, your legal matter will clearly be more complex than a person who is a W-2 employee and does not own any real estate.  From  years of experience we have learned that we cannot possibly quote you a lawyer fee without first sitting down with you and reviewing your situation in detail.

Free Consultation

We will not charge you if we cannot help you.  We offer you a free consultation to determine whether we can help you and whether filing is the appropriate remedy for you.   After a careful review of your situation, your lawyer will be able to have a specific discussion with you about the attorney’s fee for your case filing.  You can rest easy; the consultation is free and there is no obligation on your part.  It is for the sole purpose of determining if we can help you.

Experienced, Not Expensive

We are experienced, not expensive.  Our rates are very reasonable and competitive among other San Diego bankruptcy lawyers in the San Diego legal community.  Most of our clients express to us that our fees are very reasonable compared to other experienced lawyers and they choose our law office because of the personal attention that we give you.

As debt relief experts, we are very efficient and experienced in both regular and emergency bankruptcy filings and we are able to prepare your Petition and Schedules for the lowest cost possible while still getting the job done correctly every time, without exception.  Our fees are based on the anticipated amount of work that would be required in your particular case so as to ensure that you receive the best results possible.

It has been our experience that there is no other bankruptcy lawyer in town who can match our level of service and expertise, and our competency of representation, and do it all for the same reasonable and competitive rates that we offer you.

Payment Plans

If you have difficulty paying for the cost of bankruptcy, ask your lawyer about the variety of affordable payment plans that we have available to help you pay for the cost of filing bankruptcy San Diego.

Unmatched Representation

What you can expect when you retain our law office is unmatched representation from an experienced and dedicated San Diego bankruptcy attorney.

Your lawyer at Bankruptcy Legal Center will sit down with you and determine your needs and what you are trying to accomplish, and give you an overall debt relief solution that addresses all of your needs and goals.  This ensures that years from now when you look back at this turning point in your life you will see your bankruptcy filing as a positive step and feel secure with your decision and your progress.

Your lawyer at Bankruptcy Legal Center will give you invaluable legal advice, meticulously prepare your Petition and Schedules, and execute your bankruptcy filing flawlessly.

The way our satisfied clients see it, there’s no competition.