Credit Counseling

Credit Counseling is a brief, one hour course that you must take, on the Internet, before you can file bankruptcy.  If you don’t complete a credit counseling course before you file bankruptcy, your case will be dismissed shortly after you file.  (PLEASE NOTE: There are 2 courses you have to take: (1) a Credit Counseling course that you must take and complete before your case is filed; and (2) Debtor Education course (the 2nd Course) which you take immediately after your case is filed.)

How To Complete Credit Counseling in San Diego

To complete credit counseling in San Diego, be sure to take a class that is for people filing in San Diego County.  One you complete your course, you will receive a certificate of completion that you must provide to your attorney, who will file it with the court once your case is filed.  Here is how to complete a course for San Diego County:

       1.   Select a Course Provider.  Go to the list of approved Credit Counseling agencies, select California, scroll down to the providers for “Southern District of California” and select a provider.  If you need to take your course in a foreign language, then when you go to the list of approved Credit Counseling agencies, instead of selecting California go down to the next menu and select your foreign language, then select California.

       2.   Complete Your Course Go to the website of the provider you selected and complete the 1st course.  The course is usually quite simple to complete, and generally takes an hour or less to complete.

       3.   Obtain Your Certificate Be sure to obtain your Certificate of Completion AND give your Certificate of Completion to your attorney.

Take Course Right Away!

You must complete your Credit Counseling class within 180 days of the date that your case is filed. You should complete your credit counseling course immediately to prevent any delay with the filing of your case!

Be Sure to Choose a San Diego Class

If you are filing in San Diego County, be sure to choose a class that is for the San Diego Bankruptcy Court, which is called the “United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of California.” (Note: If you live outside San Diego County, you should consult with a lawyer in your area.)

How Much Does it Cost?

Expect to pay $25-$30 depending on your Credit Counseling course provider, or up to $50 if taking your course in a foreign language.

Help Me Select a Provider

The government-approved Credit Counseling courses are all controlled by third parties and Bankruptcy Legal Center is unable to endorse or recommend any particular provider.  One thing that we absolutely recommend is that you select a provider that will let you complete the entire course, and obtain a certificate, all over the internet.  Make sure that the course provider you use does not require a follow-up telephone interview.