Legal Resources

This section of our Knowledge Center contains useful legal resources for people who are filing bankruptcy in San Diego.  From how to complete your Debtor Education course and obtain a certificate (which you will need to provide to your lawyer), to a bankruptcy dictionary, to links to Federal and California law, you’ll find many useful legal resources in this section.

Legal Resources for Bankruptcy San Diego

Once you file bankruptcy in San Diego, the first thing you will have to do is complete a Debtor Education course.  Our Debtor Education web page will walk you through the process.  If you are unsure of what certain legal terms mean, our bankruptcy dictionary will define the most commonly used terminology in plain terms that you can easily grasp.   If you want to research any Federal or California laws applicable to your case, our useful links page makes this a cinch.

Debtor Education

After you file bankruptcy in San Diego, you will need to take a Debtor Education course and provide your lawyer with a certificate of completion, showing that you took and completed a Debtor Education course.  Learn more about how to complete your Debtor Education course in San Diego County.  Ideally, you should get the certificate to your lawyer before your Meeting of Creditors date.


Browse our bankruptcy dictionary, where you can find definitions for bankruptcy terms and definitions in simple, easy to understand, plain English.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help familiarize you with the process, an experienced lawyer had carefully prepared detailed answers to frequently asked questions, from “What is bankruptcy?” to “Can I keep my car?”  We have taken the most common questions asked by our clients and we have provided brief answers that are to the point and easy to follow.  Learn more about the legal process you are about to encounter, by reading our lawyer responses to frequently asked questions.

Radio Ads

We have, from time to time, run a campaign of radio bankruptcy advertisements to help inform you about your important legal rights and how the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 process can help you get out of debt and get a fresh start.  Call us and talk to a lawyer.  We always offer you a free attorney consultation to help you discover and understand your rights and options.

Driver License

Have you received a DL-30 driver license suspension from the California Department of Motor Vehicles advising you that your driver license has been suspended as a result of an unsatisfied judgment arising out of an automobile accident?  If so, filing bankruptcy can help you promptly reinstate your driver license.  Read more about how your lawyer can help you reinstate your suspended license.


If you serve in the military and need serious debt relief, you have the right to file bankruptcy to get out of debt San Diego and get a fresh start.  A military bankruptcy may or may not affect your security clearance depending on the facts that led to your filing.  Talk to an experienced attorney at our law office to learn more about what you can expect if you need to file.

Useful Links

Take advantage of our bankruptcy law useful links, including links to the Federal Courts, Federal Agencies, and important laws and rules that may be applicable to your situation, and many other useful links.