Bankruptcy Law Links

Below you will find many bankruptcy law useful links to help you better understand the legal process and the laws and procedures that must be followed in your case. Our useful links include links to the relevant Federal courts as well as the Courts of Appeal that are utilized in the event of an appeal in San Diego Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases.  We have also provided useful links for relevant news and internet search engines.

Courts and Courts of Appeal

Bankruptcy Courts in California and Courts of Appeal include:

•   Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

•   Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel

•   District Courts

•   San Diego Bankruptcy Court

Laws, Rules and Official Forms

Laws, rules, and official forms that may be used in your case include:

•   United States Constitution

•   Bankruptcy Code

•   Bankruptcy Rules

•   Official Forms

Internet Search

The main internet search engines are:

•   Google

•   Yahoo

•   Bing

•   MSN


Trusted national and local San Diego news sources include:

•   Google News

•   Yahoo News

•   CNN

•   San Diego Union Tribune

Not a Substitute for Legal Advice

The links to Courts, laws, rules and forms that are provided above are not meant to be a substitute for legal advice from a lawyer.  They are merely provided to help you become better acquainted with the system and now the legal process works.  There may be other rules or procedures implicated by the facts and circumstances of your case that are not referenced in the links provided above.  Always discuss your situation with an experienced lawyer and follow your lawyer’s advice.

No Affiliation

Our law office does not have any affiliation with the websites or links referenced above, nor do we endorse the information or content on those web sites.  These are merely third party web sites that we feel may be useful to you.  We are not responsible for the information on those web sites.