Debtor Education

Debtor Education is a course you take on the Internet much like the Credit Counseing course that you took before your bankruptcy case was filed.  (NOTE: There are 2 courses you take when you file bankruptcy: (1) Credit Counseling, which you complete before your case is filed; and (2) Debtor Education, which you take immediately after your case is filed.)

How To Complete a Debtor Education Class

As soon as your bankruptcy case is filed, your lawyer at Bankruptcy Legal Center will call you and let give you your bankruptcy case number so that you can go and take your Debtor Education class.  You should complete your Debtor Education course immediately after your case is filed to prevent any delay or denial of your discharge!  

Selecting a Provider

If you prefer not to use Abacus and want to select a course provider from the full list of providers, use the following link: list of approved providers of personal financial management instructional course (Debtor Education).  From the  list, select your state (example, California), then select your district (example, “Southern District of California,” which covers San Diego County).

Foreign Language Providers

If you need to take your course in a foreign language, then from the list of approved providers of personal financial management instructional course (Debtor Education) instead of selecting “California” go down to the next menu and select your foreign language of choice, then select your state and district.

Different Names for the Course

The Debtor Education course is referred to by some course providers as “Financial Management” or “Personal Financial Management Instructional Course.”  These are all names used to describe the same course, namely Debtor Education.

How Long Will It Take?

Plan to spend about 1 – 2 hours completing the course.

How Much Will It Cost?

Expect to pay $14-$30 depending on your course provider, or up to $50 if taking your course in a foreign language.

Certificate of Completion

Obtain a Certificate of Completion AND give your Certificate of Completion to your bankruptcy lawyer at Bankruptcy Legal Center.