Bankruptcy Attorney on TV

If you watch any amount of television, especially late at night, in the evening, or on weekends, then you have likely seen a bankruptcy attorney on TV advertising their legal services to the general public and making promises of personalized representation.  For any bankruptcy lawyer on TV, marketing legal services through television advertising can be an effective form of marketing that really comes into your home or living room and connects with you on an emotional level.  But does that necessarily mean that the bankruptcy attorney on TV will solve your debt problem, or will you be dealing with an impersonal bankruptcy mill?

How to Select a Bankruptcy Attorney Who Will Give Personalized Representation

Nobody wants to be represented by a bankruptcy mill where you meet with a lawyer one time and a paralegal process the rest of your case.  You will have undoubtedly have questions during the process and you will want to be able to speak directly with your attorney.  The reason that you respond to a bankruptcy lawyer on TV whose advertisement you have seen multiple times is because they preach that they will give you personalized, effective representation.  Naturally, you expect that the representation will come from an attorney.  But it is all too common for oversized mill law firms to have you meet with an attorney who will sign a retainer agreement with you, and then have you deal with a paralegal or legal assistant for the rest of your case.  Think of it this way.  If a television ad generates 100 cases per month for the attorney who advertises on television, how can one attorney counsel 100 clients in a month, which usually has about 20 business days.  That would mean that every day the attorney would have to complete 5 bankruptcies.  That would mean the attorney has less than 2 hours for each client’s case.  Do you really want to pay $2,000 to an attorney for less than 2 hours of their time?

Check Reviews about the Attorney

So what can you do to protect yourself and ensure that you will be dealing with an attorney and receiving personalized attention from the attorney?  Search for reviews on search engines such as Google, on the search engine’s local/maps pages.  A bankruptcy lawyer on TV who is marketing their services will naturally tell you that the attorney will work closely with you and give you personalized representation and tell you all the things that you want to hear.  But a past client who has retained the bankruptcy attorney on TV and experienced the type of representation that the law firm provides, will be able to give you a much more accurate and realistic picture of the type of legal representation that you can expect from the law firm.  To find reviews written on Google by clients of a particular law firm or attorney, do a search on the Google maps pages and see what the firm’s clients are saying about their legal services.

Consider the Cost of TV Advertising

Also, you may want to consider whether you will be paying an exorbitant fee. After all, TV advertising costs money and that cost is additional overhead that the advertising attorney must be able to pay for. More overhead usually means higher attorney’s fees to pay for the higher overhead.

Set Up a Free Consultation With an Attorney

Most reputable bankruptcy attorneys on TV will offer you a free consultation with an attorney!  When setting up your free attorney consultation, it is critical to ask whether your consultation will be with an attorney or a non-attorney.  This is an easy way to weed out the bankruptcy mills.  Many oversized mill firms will have you meet with a non-attorney who is really nothing more than a sales associate who works on commission bases and whose sole job is to get as much money from you as possible.  Instead, only go in for a free consultation if the firm can assure you in advance that the consultation will be with a bankruptcy lawyer and not a non-lawyer.