Bankruptcy TV Commercials

It's no secret that television bankruptcy commercials are an expensive form of advertising relative to other types of ads.  This is one main reason why you see so few attorneys running these types of commercials in San Diego.  For this reason, you can expect to pay more at a firm that advertises on TV.  Are there reputable attorneys that advertise on television?  Sure there are good attorneys that run TV bankruptcy commercials?  There are good attorneys both on television and off television.  An equally important question to ask is: are you paying too much for a good attorney because of the fact that the attorney has the added expense of paying for a bankruptcy TV advertisement?

Attorney Bankruptcy Commercials on Television Are Expensive

If you do any amount of TV watching, you have likely seen the same attorney bankruptcy law firm TV commercials over and over again.  Perhaps the ones that immediately come to your mind, the ones you've seen time and time again, are Pacific Law Center and Golden State Law Group. As you would probably imagine, bankruptcy commercials on television, like all TV commercials, are expensive.  If they weren't so expensive, you'd see a lot more of them.  Because of the high cost of advertising on television, a bankruptcy law firm that runs ads on TV is likely to have a much higher advertising cost than a comparable law firm that does not run an advertisement on TV.  This would normally equate with higher lawyer fees to offset the cost of expensive ads

Pacific Law Center

During 2009 it seemed as though every time your favorite show would pause for a commercial break, you saw a bankruptcy TV commercial for Pacific Law Center in San Diego.  You don't see Pacific Law Center ads any more because the firm ceased doing business.  Part of the reason Pacific Law Center went out of business, one would suspect, is due to the high cost of advertising and not being able to charge enough money pay for television advertising and continue to operate business that way, even though the firm charged much higher rates than many other bankruptcy law firms.  Of course, this is mere speculation.  We don't know the exact reason that the firm stopped doing business.

Golden State Law Group

Subsequent to the difficulties arising with Pacific Law Center, Golden State Law Group was formed, in approximately August 2010.  After the demise of Pacific Law Center, it seemed as if, overnight, every bankruptcy attorney commercial on your local TV stations in San Diego was replaced with a bankruptcy TV ad for Golden State Law Group.  As far as I know, TV commercials are still very expensive compared to other advertising mediums.

No TV Advertising Is Not a Bad Thing

So what's the point of all this?  The point is that not running TV ads is necessarily a bad thing.  In fact, they are a very useful method for coming into your living room and informing you about your debt relief options and benefits available to you.  However, it is also a fact that TV ads are expensive and the more a firm spends the more overhead it has.  By keeping overhead lower an attorney is able to charge less for legal services.  This does not necessarily mean that firms like Pacific Law Center and Golden State Law Group will charge more.  It is possible that they may even charge less.  We cannot predict how much another firm will decide to charge.  They are free to set whatever rates they deem necessary.  What we do know is that if we, Bankruptcy Legal Center, were to advertise on TV at this time, then based on current TV ad rates, we would likely have to raise our rates significantly to accommodate for the increased expenses.  We have made a decision not to do that in order to keep our rates as low as possible.  So you won't be seeing our ads during the commercial break of your favorite TV shows.  We have made a calculated decision to refrain from running attorney bankruptcy commercials on TV in an effort to keep our rates as low as possible and we intend to keep it that way.