Debt Relief

Do you need relief from out of control debt?  If you are like many San Diego County residents whose debts are out of control, you need to consider your debt relief options to help you put an end to paralyzing debt and become debt free.  For most people, your bankruptcy options include Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  If filing for bankruptcy just is not an option, then your most effective alternative is to settling your past due accounts by saving up and making a lump sum payment to settle the account.  By eliminating your debts, either through bankruptcy or settlement, you can eliminate credit card debt and most other types of debt, and obtain lasting relief.  Through the bankruptcy process, you can stop foreclosure of your home and even erase a second mortgage, reduce your home loan payments, and obtain many other benefits and protections.  Reducing your mortgage payments (by eliminating a 2nd loan) can help you get a fresh start and make your home more affordable, so that you'll have more money to spend on the necessities of life.

Obtaining Relief With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

There are many different forms of debt relief.  You can file a Chapter 7 case and obtain immediately debt relief by wiping out your credit card balances and collection accounts and starting with a clean slate.  You can also file a Chapter 13 case and repay some or all of your debts over time.  This will still give you relief from relentless creditors, but does not give you quite as fast a form of relief as Chapter 7.   If you need immediate debt relief, your attorney will usually recommend that you file a Chapter 7 case, assuming that you are able to qualify for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and that such a filing is consistent with your needs and goals.  Every day, San Diego County residents take control of their finances and become debt free by utilizing the Chapter 7 process to obtain debt relief in San Diego.  With Chapter 7, you can be in and out of bankruptcy in 90 days.  When you need immediate debt relief San Diego, Chapter 7 is usually the most effective option for you to eliminate your debt and get a fresh start.

Obtaining Relief With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In some instances, a Chapter 7 filing would not be able to accomplish all of your needs and goals.  For example, if you need to stop a foreclosure sale, or erase a second mortgage or home equity loan, you will need to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case and repay your missed home loan payments over time.  A Chapter 7 filing will only provide temporary relief from foreclosure, usually 1-2 months.   A Chapter 13 bankruptcy, in contrast, can permanently stop foreclosure of your home.  When you need to stop a foreclosure, or wipe out a second mortgage or home equity loan, Chapter 13 will be the necessary debt relief solution for your situation.

Settling Past Due Accounts

Not everyone will qualify for bankruptcy as a form of relief from hounding creditors.  If you don't qualify for bankruptcy, or if you cannot file for some other reasons that you have discussed with your attorney, then you may want to consider settling your credit card balances and collection accounts through the debt settlement process.  This process is usually reserved for people who have so much liquid cash that they cannot file for bankruptcy, since the settlement process requires having substantial capital available to make lump sum payments to settle your past due balances and collection accounts.  Successfully utilizing the settlement process, provided you have the money to do it, can be an effective means for providing you with lasting debt relief San Diego. 

Debt Relief Lawyer Consultation

In order to truly achieve debt relief, San Diego residents need to find a San Diego debt relief lawyer who will sit down with them, review their options, and discuss an overall solution that takes into account all of their needs and their goals.  Otherwise, you may end up filing bankruptcy, eliminating debt, and a couple of years down the road end up in the same situation as you are today. At Bankruptcy Legal Center, our goal is to provide you with a lasting solution. An overall solution will help you not only become debt free but you will also be on your way to a secure financial future.  Before you can decide whether to file bankruptcy, you need to discuss your San Diego debt relief options with an experienced attorney.  Contact Bankruptcy Legal Center today to set up a free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney specializing in debt relief.  Learn your options, understand your legal rights, and get started on the road to a more secure future.

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