Free Debt Relief Kit

Are you at a stage in the bankruptcy process where you have not yet made a firm decision regarding bankruptcy but are simply weighing your debt relief options?  Perhaps you are not even thinking about bankruptcy and just want to learn about your bankruptcy alternatives.  Whether you want to learn about your non-bankruptcy options or your bankruptcy options, we are here to help you.

At Bankruptcy Legal Center, we understand that not everyone is in the same place as far as the decision making process.  You may or may not be ready to file a bankruptcy, or you may not need to file because there is an alternative remedy that is better suited to your situations.  We are not like other law firms.  We do things differently.  We do not just preach bankruptcy.  We find solutions.   If you are just considering your alternatives, you may not yet be ready to learn about (and it may be premature to talk about) how Chapter 7 works or what the benefits of Chapter 13 are.  You may just need some information about your various debt relief options.

There are alternatives to filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, and in some cases these alternatives may be more suitable to your needs.  For example, if you have a large amount of assets such that you would have to give some of them up in a Chapter 7 filing, you may want to explore settling the account with your creditor.  If a judgment creditor has served your employer with a wage garnishment and you make too much money to qualify for bankruptcy, your lawyer can help you negotiate a payment plan with your creditor.

When you come to our firm for your free consultation with a San Diego debt relief attorney, your attorney will sit down with you and listen to what’s going on in your financial life.  Once we understand, and only after we understand, what your needs and goals appear to be, we are then able to more clearly see what solution would be most beneficial for your unique situation.  Once we understand your needs, then we are ready to go over your options with you. 

Our free debt relief kit that is available for a limited time can help you better understand the protections and benefits of bankruptcy as well as your possible alternatives to a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filing.  Our aim is that after you leave your debt relief consultation you can be better informed and more knowledgeable about the process, so that you can understand your options and make an informed decision moving forward.  And if you ever have any questions about your options or the information contained in our free debt relief kit, you can always call us and talk to a San Diego debt relief lawyer. 

There is a limited supply of free debt relief kits. Once they are gone, they’re gone.  We always offer you a free attorney consultation with a San Diego debt relief attorney.  Contact Bankruptcy Legal Center and talk to a San Diego debt relief attorney today.  We are here to help you and your family obtain debt relief and get on the road to financial freedom. Call us at 619-501-9711.

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